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Once a week?

Maybe I should aim to post once a week, that way I won’t be disappointed! I cannot explain to you how busy I am right now, its been such an incredible week. A photoshoot last Friday, another this Monday and then I spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing a workshop with seven other photographers under the guidance of a phenomenally successful photographer based here in Sydney. I am feeling so fulfilled by my photography right now and just wish I had more hours in the day to take photos.

Stella sat on my lap this morning while I did a quick braid in her hair, its just so gorgeous, she has the most beautiful hair, soft but thick with strands of gold and white and all shades inbetween. She is at such a lovely age right now and we have finally got rid of the illness that has plagued the house in all forms for the last few weeks. A swift course of EES – Erythromycin fixed the bugs that were causing the persistent cough and night wakings so we are all feeling much better.

I will be back to post more about the business and the girls and Ron but for now, bed.

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