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Wow, a whole week

I can’t believe that a week has past since my last blog post. This place needs an overhaul. So, I am planning a few changes. Nothing in a rush but I am thinking I might migrate this old blog over to a wordpress template and maybe even go self-hosted. I am loving the wordpress platform for my business blog and maybe I would feel more motivated to post more regularily if I spent some time on my blog design etc. Or is that just the classic “I will feel better with a new haircut/dress/pair of shoes/handbag”.

This is the kind of week I am having. Washing up messes, piles of laundry thanks to the relentless rain. Grumbling, irritable and disgruntled.

Stella is unwell again so back to the Dr we go, in the meantime she continues to willfully destroy everything she comes across. Yesterday alone she pulled out every tissue from the box, stuck both her hands into the tub of margarine and stashed her dummys somewhere I haven’t been able to find them. Crazy child.

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