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Who wants to have meatballs for lunch?

The girls and I played outside in the garden this morning until the washing was done and then I decided on the spur of the moment to head to Ikea for some shopping and lunch. Luckily we chose to have lunch before shopping because by the time we left the canteen kitchen, the queue was huge! I knew exactly what I wanted to get so we didn’t have to walk through the whole display floor and because I was feeling cashed up after my photography job on the weekend, I let the girls each choose something to take home. What fun! Amy went straight for this art set with crayons, chunky pencils and gorgeous water colours. She has been sitting at the kitchen table since we got home “making art”! Stella chose a squishy football which she chewed the whole way home. Ikea wins again! Now lets hope my husband can put together the shelf inserts for our tv unit without pulling his hair out!

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