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The girls and I have been waiting for a new playground to open up near Ron’s work in Parramatta for what feels like months now! Finally the day we have been anticipating, the park is open.

First thing that annoys me is the only parking is ticketed. Hmmm. I know these Parramatta rangers, they are ruthless, I figure we have time to run back to the car if we see them approaching.

Second thing is that the play structures are so huge and fabulous that they are too big even for Amy to climb. The rope tower is massive and Amy can’t even get onto it without help.

This also causes problem number three. The playarea has a sweet little picket fence type structure around three sides. Totally incapable of stopping an adventurous child from escaping. Towards problem number four. The main road. Just over there.

I was starting to wonder what all the hype had been about this new playarea. Maybe I should have had a look at it before I started selling it to my children.

The next big issue is the slide mound, instead of steps its been built into a big mound type thing with sort of moulded steps in softfall material. Looks great, near impossible for the girls to climb. Amy can make it to the top with a run up and a clamber, Stella just gets stuck and shouts. Then when Stella gets to the top she realises how high up it actually is and instead of sliding down, she sort of bumps down the softfall stuff on her bum. Great.
Moving onto these decorative mielie stalks (corn for you non-south africans!) They are beautiful, sculptural and amazingly artistic, also SHARP, POINTY and set perfectly at child’s head height. Who designed this park? Did nobody think about who would actually be using the space?
The only thing that is a sucess is the swings, and possibly the metal pig. Only because its bizarre and almost lifesize. These are hypothetical however because just as we get set on the swings I see the parking rangers moving at speed across the park. Bastards. I drag two very unhappy children off the swings and back to the car before we get ticketed.
Stupid park. We go home and have a picnic in our child-safe, child-proof, lovely garden.
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