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The Super Whites

I love this time of year, there is warmth in the sun again and the days are already longer. The garden is starting to wake up after the winter and the blossoms on the next-door-neighbours tree are finally showing themselves.

Everything is green and vibrant and bursting with new life. Our lemon tree has gone into overdrive and the vegetable patch is desperately in need of planting.

The girls and I have been out in the garden a lot more and I am looking forward to lots of summer days spent lounging around on the couch under the deck as the girls play in their sandpit or cubby house.

Water restrictions are still lifted so we will be able to get the sprinklers out for lots of wet fun.

My Wisteria is flowering but not all over the vine which is a worry. At the end of last summer we had to cut it back quite agressively so I will be watching and waiting for it to come into leaf. I hope its survived the winter, its such a beautiful vine and a great screen for our other next-door-neighbours.

Normally a beautiful sunny Saturday like this would be spent working on the garden but today we are really busy, Ron is working like mad to get the last few details sorted for tonights Rugby club presentation night and we are off to friends now for a bbq.

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