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This child keeps me on my toes, this child has forced me to relearn a lot of parenting lessons that I didn’t need to learn from this other child.

My first born is thoughtful, gentle, caring and full of love. She is quirky, very funny and loves an audience. She makes me feel brave and clever and valued. She makes me feel proud.

This child on the other hand can make me feel like a bad parent at the drop of a hat! (Its not actually champagne, she was so damn persistent in demanding a sip despite having no words that my friend Tash downed her fizzy and replaced it with water and a strawberry.)

My second born is also quirky, very demanding, needy but not in a clingy way, she just likes to hang herself off me like I am a human jungle gym. She has started saying “MAMA” in the right context and even when its in the middle of the night, its a lovely sound. I love that she just loves me in such a physical way, just like she attacks everything in her life.

This big girl child of mine is sensitive but not shy or reserved, she is so loving in a vocal way, constantly telling us spontaneously that she loves us. She is quick to kiss and cuddle her sister and so gentle with her, she shares without having to be asked now and is teaching her little sister compassion by proxy. She picked me these flowers “because I am the best Mummy she ever has had!”

Together these two are such a joy and this here is the reason I don’t feel like my family is done yet, the sibling relationship that exists seperately from Ron and I is a marvel. These two love each other, genuinely. They share a room and often hold hands in the car. Amy takes care of her sister and watching them together reminds me how much I love my own sister and how excited I am for my girls to go into the world, together. Just not for a long time, ok, they are both still my babies.

(Introducing our new playroom which was previously our spare room. Best thing we could have done!)

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