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Poor sick children

Yesterday afternoon I got “THE CALL” from preschool. Could I please come and fetch Amy as she had just been copiously sick all over herself. Sigh. She looked a little shell shocked when I picked her up, smelling rather strongly of child-puke. She said she didn’t know why she was sick, she didn’t feel sick and when we got home she said she was rather hungry, could she have a biscuit.

I mistakenly thought it was a once only episode. Hah, hahaahaa. That is the sound of the universe laughing at me! Actually I blame my Mum for what happened later that night as both children finally slept peacefully! You see my Mum was a believer in the school of thought that when a child is ill, whatever sounds good to eat is allowed, even if that means jam donuts and crisps. But, the child has to be actually ill, not just in the mood for a jam donut. Which is why later that evening I was scraping regurgitated ice-lollies and strawberry milk off Amy’s sheets!

Apart from that middle of the night horking, Amy slept peacefully. Ron and I did not as we nursed a sad, sick little Stella in the bed between us. Poor baby has a terrible cold, nasal congestion, rivers of snot, hacking cough, raging temperatures and associated bad moods.

Please let the plague pass.

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