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The Super Whites
Sydney Spring

For the last three weeks I have been lucky enough to spend Wednesday’s walking along the Manly beach front with a friend who has been on gardening leave. Sadly (for me!) she has started at her new job this week so I don’t have a walking partner, sigh. I suppose I could go walking on my own but its not nearly as much fun!

We have had three weeks of glorious weather, great conversation and delicious sushi. Stella has been a delightful companion, content to sit in the pram while we walk round the bay and thrilled to help choose the sushi off the sushi train!

The walking started off strong, tapered to relaxed and ended with more coffee drinking than walking but thats all part of the fun. It was lovely to get my feet in the sand and feel the warm sun after the winter.

I am seriously looking forward to summer this year, our children are finally old enough for us all to be able to spend a day on the beach and to really enjoy it. We are planning lots of days on the beach and even some camping by the sea at some point. Can’t wait.

Now if we can just get rid of the hideous colds that have plagued us over the last few weeks. Both girls have been really sick over the weekend, coughing, temperatures, listless moaning and gnashing of teeth. Bring on the sunshine and blue skies please!

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