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Stella’s first haircut – 16 months

It all got too much for me this morning. Stella has had conjunctivitis and this combined with her hair permanently hanging in her face made for a rather unpleasant combination!

After Stella pulled her hairband out three times in a row this morning I gave in and took her to a hairdresser to get her fringe trimmed.

In the end I decided not to cut the back of her hair, leaving her little curls intact so the hairdresser chopped her a sweet little fringe. She sat happily on my lap and enjoyed the water spray, no fussing at all.

Its a little like a mullet on reflection, all smart and tidy in the front and wild, tangled curls in the back but its very cute and deliciously low maintenance. Apart from the mad cowslick that sprung up the moment the hairdresser cut into it!

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2 Responses to Stella’s first haircut – 16 months

  1. kurrabikid says:

    Gorgeous, mullet or not…!

  2. margie adcock says:

    Hi Sarah, just had a look at your blog and am delighted that you decided to cut Stella's hair! I wanted to write to you when you held a "poll" but I missed the deadline. I think little girls look so lovely with short hair. Mostly, in fact almost without exception, they all grow it and all look exactly the same! Yay for short!! Glad Amy OK after her fall and she looks lovely with her long hair, let Stella be different if she will. Love..marg

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