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Spring is in the air

On Thursday the sun came out and the seasons changed. For the first time in months it really felt like Winter was over. I threw open the doors and windows, mopped the kitchen floor, undressed Stella and let her loose on the deck with a small container of water and some pots, sponges and old toothbrushes.

She loves, loves, loves water in any form and was content to splash around for ages. The toothbrushes were not my finest idea however, its quite hard to explain to a 16 month old that one toothbrush is for cleaning her teeth and one is not for putting in her mouth!

Of course the weather didn’t stay warm and Friday was back to the normal 16 or 17 degrees C which is still gorgeous this time of year with clear skies and warm sun. But I had forgotten how windy Sydney is in August and I am starting to really look forward to proper Spring.

In anticipation I even sorted out my troll legs and dehaired them and gave myself a pedicure!

In other news Amy is absolutely fine after her fall. Her bruises have changed from blue/green to brown/yellow and the graze on her neck is healing fast. Its quite remarkable how quickly children heal themselves. I am still replaying her fall in my mind and I did spend some time worrying when either child was out of my immediate line of sight at rugby on Saturday (don’t worry, they were either with Daddy or Grandma if they weren’t with me) but I am feeling better too.

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