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Amy – assessment 4 years 1 month

Seriously. I just can’t seem to keep up with the weeks right now, but thankfully I am home tonight for the first time in over a week. I am just so busy with photography, playgroup committee, preschool talks and endless tasks to do with my photography business, which is coming, I promise. Its just the damn logo, I can’t get it right. Any designers out there who want to have a go?

This post is going to be the exception to the rule here on my blog. NO PHOTOS. Yes, today I had the best day in a long time and I enjoyed every second of it, without having to stop and capture it in camera. We dropped Amy at preschool and Ron at work and then Stella and I drove across town and picked up a friend. We parked up the hill at Manly and then walked from North to South along the beachfront stopping for a babycino then later a play in the sand, then ice-cream on the way back (Ben & Jerrys, I remain loyal as ever!) and then lastly a sushi train for a quick snack before driving home. It was a wonderful day, good walk, great company, beautiful Sydney scenery and weather and Stella was an angel.

When I picked Amy up from preschool her teacher gave me her assessment which has just been completed. We could not be prouder. Its very hard to say anything other than how happy Ron and I both are that Amy is so settled at preschool and its exactly what we needed to help us finalise our decision not to send Amy to school early next year aged four and a half but rather to wait until the following year when she is five and a half.

I leave you with an extract from her child development profile: “Amy constantly makes me smile with her interesting conversation, she shows understanding of concepts well beyond her age. She has a beautiful personality and loves to share a joke with both peers and teachers. Amy has no problem communicating at news time for she loves to talk and I’m sure would keep going all afternoon if possible, she also has an extensive vocabulary for her age.”

Just for the record, I am taking all the credit!

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