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Hair today, gone tomorrow?

This was Stella’s head a year ago. Dark haired, fuzzy, patchy. Now she has a beautiful head of long, silky blonde hair. Its an absolute marvel and I am a little tired of people commenting on how little she looks like me. First there was Amy, whom everyone said looked EXACTLY like her Daddy and now my little blonde cherub.

The problem is her hair is growing so fast that she looks unkept. Seriously unkept. Its long and straggly at the back, floppy and fly away at the front.

I know she needs a hair cut but I can’t bring myself to take her. I don’t know why, its not that I am attached to her hair as part of her rapidly diminshing babyness, its just that I am worried about creating a hair style that we will have to live with and maintain.

Does this make any sense? I remember when Amy had her first haircut in London with my parents. She was 18 months old and only barely had enough hair. She had her hair cut again not long after when we were back in Sydney. I made the decision to cut a fringe in then which at the time, I loved but looking back it was a total nightmare to take care of and soon after we started growing it out. It took forever.

Amy’s next haircut was 18 months later. Wow, I feel almost embarrassed writing that but Amy has hair very similar to mine, she has a lot of hair but its not thick, its very manageable and the BEST thing is that she is completely over her issues with getting her hair washed and putting her head under water so its easy to keep clean and tidy. Also she is so patient and will sit happily while I plait and braid her hair every morning. What a darling.

Please ignore the snotty nose in these photos, they add to the “urchin look”.

So, thats my hair experience with Amy and now we have Stella. I feel bad because my own hair is so low maintenance that I never worry about it and hardly ever make big style decisions yet once again now I need to make a style decision for my child. Wah. So basically I want some advice please.

Stella has thick, wavy, beautiful blonde hair. It curls at the back like Amy’s did but I have no doubt that when its cut those curls will drop out. She has a crown very high on the back of the top of her head and she has a big forehead so she could carry off a heavy fringe. She does have a slight cowslick like her sister and father but its not noticable and her hair falls forward, not to either side.

Should I cut a fringe in and get the back tidied up or should I persevere in tying it up, clipping it to the side, until those long bits at the front are longer and the same length of the back so she can wear it all up and off her head? Or should I just cut the fringe in and worry about a style later so my child stops looking like an urchin?

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