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The Super Whites

We had a busy day today, the whole family came with me to boxing and the children played in the park while I died a few horrible exercise deaths on the basketball court. I really have to stop taking such long breaks between classes. Exhausting.

Back home after coffees in the park we got busy in the garden. Ron’s job was to move the mango tree planted in the front bed.

We knew when we planted it that it might outgrow the spot quite quickly but its happened a lot faster than we thought. Its been moved to a lovely spot in the back garden on one of the tiers of our veg patch. More photos to follow.

My job was to prune back the rampant roses! My poor roses have been much neglected so its was time to cut back, fertilize and spray with pest oil to get rid of the terrible white mildew that has formed over the wet winter.

It was a most satisfying job and I can’t wait to see how my roses grow this Spring. We also spent some time working on our transformation of our spare bedroom into a children’s playroom. Photos to follow. Now however I am absolutely exhausted and every muscle in my body is aching.

But before I go, the most important thing about today is that its my lovely Mum’s birthday. I wish I could be spending it with her like I did last year when Stella and I flew across for a suprise visit for Mum’s 60th birthday party. What a wonderful special occasion it was. Missing you Mum.


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