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Its World Breastfeeding Week and all over the blogsphere people are talking about their breasts. Well, ok, they are talking about breastfeeding. How it worked for them, how it didn’t work and what Gisele said. This is a subject close to my heart. (Literally *snort*)

This is the sight that greets me everytime I open my freezer. I feel quite sad whenever I think about all these pouches of milk that I so painfully pumped when Stella was a few weeks old. I know I should throw them away, they are more than a year old in some cases and Stella weaned herself from my breasts back in April just before she turned one. I still feel sad occasionally but Stella is just such an affectionate and loving little person that although I miss that particular kind of closeness, I still have a lot of close time with her.

(Amy breastfeeding 20 minutes after she was born.)

I have written before about how lucky I was after Amy was born. I had no support at all from midwives or lactation consultants, I spent less than 15 hours in the hospital with Amy after she was born and I can attribute my success with feeding her wholly to my Mum who was staying with us. My Mum breastfed my sister and myself and was calm, instructive and supportive during those agonising night feeds where I thought my nipples might just drop right off.

(Stella breastfeeding 15 minutes after birth)

After Stella was born I had a possibly slightly over-confident belief that breastfeeding would be easier second time around. The reality was far from that but this time I was lucky, I was staying in a private hospital and had access to many midwives (most with different theories and positions for successful breastfeeding) and a very helpful and enthusiastic lactation consultant who worked with me to correct a poor latch. By the time I came home 4 days after Stella was born I was getting the hang of it. I did have to use a nipple shield for two days while my agonising grazes on my poor nipples healed but overall my breastfeeding relationship with Stella was a great success.

Breastfeeding Amy aged 4 weeks in a park in Marlow, just outside London.

I loved breastfeeding my children. It was something I really wanted to do and I did a lot of research and reading before I gave birth in an attempt to best prepare myself. As I mentioned, my Mother breastfed both myself and my sister and she was a wealth of support and advice. Ron was also very supportive, he stayed up to help me at night and was the first in line at the pharmacy when I needed nipple shields in an emergency. He supported my choice to breastfeed but also helped me by giving both Amy and Stella bottles of expressed milk so that I could get a few hours of continuous sleep those first few exhausting weeks.

What I want to finish off by saying is that I was lucky, I was well prepared and well educated about my choices but I also found breastfeeding a joy and a pleasure. I have close friends who weren’t able to breastfeed for various reasons, I didn’t judge them, I just tried to support them and their personal choices. I was never embarrassed breastfeeding in public but I do know that not everyone feels that way. If we have another baby I desperately hope that I will be able to breastfeed them but if I can’t I will treasure the memories I have of feeding my girls.

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