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A day to remember

Today Amy and I went on an adventure! Thanks to a brilliant blogging friend we secured ourselves some tickets for a promo screening of the latest Tinkerbell movie. Amy has been watching the trailer for this movie on my laptop at least twice a day for the last month or so and I had made a mental note to watch out for the very limited cinema release to go along with the DVD release. Then late on Thursday night I happened to stumble upon a thread on the Aussie Mummy Bloggers Forum asking if anyone was interested in attending an advanced screening. Hell yes!

Amy and I caught the train into the city, a first for both of us and great fun. Nice and cheap too thanks to the family fun day passes, unlimited travel on train, bus and ferry for $2.50.

We arrived with plenty of time so treated ourselves to coffee and a muffin. I chose to go to a rather well known coffee chain instead of my usual, Australian, well known coffee chain. Bad move. Nostalgia aside the coffee was expensive and bland.

In the cinema Amy tucked into her popcorn and we waited, full of excitement for the movie to begin. Amy was such a fun companion, so overwhelmed with joy to be there and her mood was contagious.

The movie was wonderful, whimsical, funny, emotional and just a welcome change from the princesses and barbies we spend a lot of time with at home. I am encouraging Tinkerbell in our house because she is a fun role model, resourceful and the best thing about her is she doesn’t want to marry a prince.

After the movie we went for a coffee (at my favourite Australian coffee house of choice! Free babycinos with your order!) with my blogging friend and some new friends before Amy and caught the train home again.

I had a great day out with Amy, it was lovely for us to spend time together, for Amy to be my focus and to do something that she is so happy about. I am going to make dates like this a priority with Amy going forward, there are so many benefits.

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