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My curious child

I told Ron to pull over on the side of the road when we were driving through the Hunter Valley last weekend. I spotted some tall grass and I desperately wanted to try taking a photograph in the style that you see everywhere at the moment. You know, sun low behind, lots of light flooding the photo, ethereal mood, wistful child. Anyway, I got the light and the field right but the wistful child wasn’t so much wistful as she was demanding to do a poo!!! Sigh, you just can’t get good models nowadays.

Amy is a fascinating creature at the moment. I had the most enlightening conversation with her in the car the other day, she is really interested in a friend who is expecting a baby and Amy wanted to know how the baby had got into her tummy and how the Dr would get it out. She was under the misguided impression that the Dr had cut Stella out of my tummy so I gently explained how Stella had actually exited my body and we got into a discussion about the basics of childbirth. I was eager to tell my kid the truth without freaking her out! She was happy with my explanation of hormones helping a woman’s body squeeze a baby gently out of her lady parts. (I called the lady parts the anatomically correct term but don’t want to repeat it here for fear of google searches!)

I am really enjoying this phase of questions, I think its because Amy is actually interested in the answers rather than just asking that repetitious WHY that we have had for a while. I have a very exciting and fun day planned for Amy and I tomorrow, just the two of us, a date of sorts. Will report back after and let you know what we got up to!

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