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Opening the floor for questions

What should I talk about? I am heading into another phase of self-imposed¬†internet restrictions and so will have more time for purposeful internet time instead of spending hours clicking from one website to the next. I am working hard to get a website up and running for my new photography business and so am spending a lot of time looking at other photographer’s sites for inspiration and ideas.

I have some blog ideas in the pipeline, more from Frugal Sarah Says which is particularily relevant right now since we have had to suddenly replace our hot water heater and you seriously have NO IDEA how expensive that can be. Also, I need advice on Stella’s hair, its so long now that it hangs in her eyes unless I tie it up or clip it to the side and I am struggling to keep her looking tidy. Should I cut a fringe? Blog post with pics and a poll coming soon.

In the meantime, any questions? Comments have dribbled to a halt lately, I haven’t written anything interesting in ages and so, if there was anything you wanted to know. Leave me a comment and I will oblige.

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3 Responses to Opening the floor for questions

  1. PottyMouthMama says:

    Tiny had long hair going in her eyes all the time. I got a fringe cut – best thing ever – really, really cute, and fixed the hair in eye problem!

  2. Lucy Taylor says:

    Yup, I can see that anything even slightly resembling a hairgrip will result in a trip to A&E in order to dislodge it from somewhere! Those minipaws are just itching to grab and pull stuff aren't they? Thats one little lady who will merely see any hair decoration as an 'opportunity' for mischief. teehee! x

  3. Veronica says:

    We just cut Isaac's hair because it was in his eyes all the time. Sob!

    And yeah, hot water cylinder? We had to do ours last year. 2k later. Awful.

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