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While we were playing

While we were playing in the mud in the garden, fate was plotting something HILARIOUS back inside the house.

One morning, instead of lovely hot water in my shower, it was icy cold. A plumbing friend came over to have a look and had a laugh at our expense. Our 13 year old water heater was rusted into a big expensive heap of junk. No more hot showers for us.

As you can tell from these photos, there is one person who is missing her hot showers more than even I am missing my hot baths. Stella LOVES the shower. Where Amy still prefers her water flat in her bath, Stella loves having water on her head, over her face, in her eyes. She just loves water.

So, no hot water since Friday, thats 4 days so far, sponge baths with boiled water for the girls, showers at work for Ron, showers at friend’s houses during playdates for me. We briefly dabbled in getting a solar system, even had the lovely salesman round to explain it all and give us a quote. At which point we decided we might just ask our plumber mate to find an old tank and fit it cheaply instead! We got a great deal on a new, slightly bigger tank and an electrician friend to wire it up. Thank goodness for friend’s with trades.

Right, I am exhausted, broken sleep for a few nights but not the girl’s fault, just a bunch of late nights and Stella’s molars and photography courses and hour long chats on the phone with my Mum. This is not making sense anymore, I am off to bed.

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