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A weekend away

Last weekend we waved the girls goodbye as Grandad drove them home to their house and then we sat in traffic for 50 minutes trying to get out of Sydney. Finally we hit the highway and it was just like the old days, Ron and Sarah on a roadtrip together.

We were staying in a gorgeous old farmhouse in Broke, part of the Hunter Valley wine region for a the weekend with five other couples to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. We know three of the couples fairly well through rugby but the other two were new to us.

We arrived and immediately got stuck into the wine. The first night everyone pooled their wine resources and Andy had prepared a curry ahead of time so we were well fed and well lubricated.

Its a great feeling to be able to leave our girls and to not really miss them. What I mean is that while I did think about them frequently and talk about them to our friends and miss kissing them before bed, the fact that they were so safe and happy at Grandma’s meant I didn’t have to worry about them.

I made it to bed at about 2am on Saturday morning and was relieved to wake up at 9am without feeling too hideous, however the rest of the household was in various states of dishevelement and surfaced through out the morning. We made batches of bacon and eggs on the bbq and brewed litres of coffee.

Around lunchtime we felt sufficiently refueled enough to head out wine tasting. We had two designated drivers and we started slowly. However after two winery stops we felt well enough to contemplate some hot chips and gravy after which our wine tasting picked up again!

It was a really fun day. We had chosen not to book a proper wine tour because the cost was prohibitive and instead we were really relaxed and chilled out about where we went to next. It was loads of fun doing the wine tasting with a group of people and Andy was compiling a list of who liked what with the intention of making a decision towards the end of the day for a choice of wine for drinking that night.

Karma was kind to us and we just happened to arrive at a gorgeous little winery tucked underneath the Broke mountains where the proprietor sat us down at a big table out of the verandah and then he shared some delightful wines with us. The sun was setting, the kangaroos were coming out and the wine was flowing. I felt incredibly happy.

We bought a case and a half of delicious reds to take home to drink that night. Half our party went to watch the Springboks get beaten by the All Blacks and the other half went back to the house to get dinner started. Bottles of wine were opened, conversations begun and carried on, games of pool won and lost, more bottles of wine opened and eventually much later that evening we sat down to a feast of epic proportions.

It was a brilliant night, relaxed, happy, fun. It was great to get to know new friends in such an easy going place, we were all on holiday, away from children and responsibilities. I made it till 1am and crashed out for the most blissful night of sleep.

When I woke the next morning just after 8am, I drew back the curtains and the whole world was hidden by fog. I crept out of our room, made a big mug of coffee and went outside to take some photos. It was eerie, quiet, still and cold. The heavy pall of fog hanging low and moving across the ground.

 I was sad that the weekend was nearly over. It was also the end of the school holidays so we didn’t want to leave too late and risk the traffic back into Sydney. In the end our drive back was easy but it was a harsh awakening to drive from the quiet roads in Broke through the Hunter with its hordes of tourists and then back into a traffic clogged Sydney.

It was a special weekend, great to spend time with Ron again as adults, we have come to value our time alone, in a way it seems to help us connect more with our children, when we connect with each other! It was also really good to make closer connections with new friends. We are already planning next year’s weekend away.

Broke, we will be back!
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