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Go on, dare me!

During the school holidays Amy’s preschool runs what they call “a school holiday program” which basically just means its all a bit more relaxed because loads of the children go away with their families. Its good for us because we can all be as lazy as we want in the morning and we don’t have to rush around like idiots trying to get out the door before 8.30am. This time the school holiday program had some fun things going on including a pajama day for one of Amy’s days which is why I ended up taking Amy to preschool whilst wearing my pj’s and dressing gown! I couldn’t remember what the theme was so I called the Director the day before and that was when she dared me to wear my pj’s. I can’t resist a dare.

It was funny, Amy was not quite sure whether she was horrified or hysterical, especially because she was wearing her own pj’s which was strange enough. I kept asking Ron whether I was making a fool of myself but he thought it was funny so I went ahead with it. Thankfully I only saw one other mother while I was dropping Amy but the look on the Director’s face was worth it. Plus I got to lounge around at home all morning in my jamies. Can’t complain!

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