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Sorry Mum and Dad, you’re not invited

Catching up, a couple of weeks ago Amy went to her first school disco. Yes, aged 4 she attended a school disco. The invite read “sorry Mum and Dad, you are not invited, I have seen you dance and its so embarrassing!” She quoted this at us for days!

I was so proud of Amy this evening. Ron was away on business again and I picked her up at 4pm from preschool to get her home, fed and back again by 5pm. She was very excited but still going through the end of what I will call the “I’ll miss you” phase. Just before we went away in May Amy started crying when we left her at preschool, she was easily placated and would go to her teacher for a cuddle as we left and when I called a few minutes after I had got home, she never cried for more than a minute. However it did last for over a month. I had a chat to her teachers and we decided to not make a big fuss of it, whenever she mentioned that she was going to miss me I would just give her a cuddle and tell her I would miss her too and then she started wanting to watch us leave. Her teacher was happy to let her watch us from the director’s office for a few minutes each morning and then suddenly one day Amy was saying she was going to miss me and before I could even give her a cuddle she was off and playing!

The school disco was a turning point, Amy didn’t realise that there were going to be children that she didn’t know there, from the other days and so when we walked in, it was dark and full of people she didn’t know. She took it all in her stride, finding her teacher and her friends and then giving me a kiss and a cuddle. It just so happened that when I left, one of the teacher’s was at the door and no one was coming in so Amy was able to stand at the door and wave goodbye and so she went off happy. When I came back an hour later she was so excited to tell me all about it, I was so proud of my brave and adventurous daughter.

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