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World Cup 2010

I just have to direct you to a wonderful blog post by Tertia, one of South Africa’s most liked bloggers. I think she has captured the essence of what it means to feel so desperately proud to be South African during this World Cup. Please go and read the article she links to at the NY Times regarding the crime wave that just hasn’t happened. I know that even though I haven’t woken up at night to catch the games or really been that bothered about who wins it since Bafana Bafana and Ghana were knocked out, but I am still going to feel very sad when its all over. I have loved watching my country on the news and reading about how many people have had the most wonderful experience during this amazing occasion. I feel very proud to be South African!

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  1. Lucy Taylor says:

    The best thing about the whole world cup for me was its location. South Africa rocks and I have loved the place since the first time I visited in 1997. Back then I was working for a sports tour operator with the British Lions tour and it was the same story – threats of regular theft and violence and other crime. We had only 2 'incidents' and yet we had responsibility for just over 2000 clients staying in the country over the 6 week period. I'll bet London has scarier stats!! South Africa has some of the loveliest and most charming people I have ever met, the most stunning scenery I've witnessed and as for the food?!…lets just say I gained A LOT of weight! Yes, I have a lot of love for SA and the good hugely outweighs any 'bad' for me. Lovely to talk to you yesterday, must talk again soon though as I want to know all about business stuff!! xx

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