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Happy Birthday my darling girl

This time four years ago we were waiting. I had been in labour for two days and Ron and I were out of our depth, relying on hospital staff and hope to get through it all and meet our baby. The moment I finally pushed her out into the world is one of my most defining. When I look at my expression in this photo, I am transported back to those first few minutes, the sheer exhaustion and exhilaration, the sheen of sweat and the clear joy of meeting Amy Grace.

Four years later and I stood by her bedside last night, watching her sleep. Her deep breaths and sweaty brow, her face clear of any worries, secure in the knowledge that all is right in her world and in the morning she can have pancakes for breakfast and open presents with her Mummy and Daddy and baby sister Stella.

We have had a special day. This year’s birthday has been wonderful. Amy is so full of energy and excitement and laughter at this stage in her life. Sure we have bad days and tough weeks but its on days like today that I am reminded of that feeling when I first held my baby in my arms. The knowledge that I had no idea where her life would lead her or what adventures we might have together but in those deep eyes I could see a future I never knew I had.

Amy, you are loved more than you can imagine and bring such joy to my life. Happy Fourth Birthday my firstborn.

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