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Amy’s 4th Birthday party

I don’t know who was more excited about Amy’s birthday cake, me or the birthday girl! I had SUCH fun making this, seriously, it looks amazing and once again got lots of gasps when I sliced it open, but really wasn’t that complicated to make. (Post about that coming soon.)

In the meantime just a quick pictorial post from today’s party. We had such a lovely afternoon and considering how worked up I had got myself over who to invite, how many, what to cater, games or no games. Well it was a lovely, fun, special afternoon.

Amy had an absolute blast. She was in her element, excited about her cake, thrilled to have her friends around her, pleased with the pile of presents waiting for her to open later.

We played pass the pillowcase full of lollies, musical statues and musical bob and the children ate fairy bread and sausages on rolls and roamed around the garden like a pack of fairies.

The cake was a rousing success and honestly, its quite sad how excited I was to bring it out. I don’t have work appraisals or performance bonuses anymore, but the look on those children’s faces as I cut open barbie’s dress to reveal a luminous rainbow cake, well its worth more than any performance bonus I ever got!

Amy had asked for a rainbow barbie princess cake but we didn’t really talk about it too much, I didn’t want to get her hopes up if I couldn’t pull it off. Luckily I did and managed to meet her brief. Mind you, she is only 4 afterall and easily pleased!

It was a wonderful day, very special and yet also strangely surreal. I can’t quite believe that Amy really will be four this week. All the cliches are true, time has flown by so fast I can barely catch my breath. It feels like just a short while ago that I first held her in my arms after that long, long wait. Now here she is, this brave, funny, sweet, proper little person.

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