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A weekend in photos

We had a busy weekend with lots of parties and friends and fun. I still managed to squeeze in a lie-in, a nap and a boxing class. Amy managed to squeeze in many cupcakes and a butterfly face paint!

I photographed a full moon rising and then later, while the girls were tucked up in bed at home being taken care of by Grandad and Grandma, we watched a lunar eclipse at a cheese and wine party.

We ate blue iced cupcakes at a party in a park for a boy child.

We ate green iced dinosaur cake at the same party, then then played on the cool swing.
Ron used a novel technique to clean Stella’s hands.
The next day we went to a little girl’s party and ate princess barbie birthday cake and cupcakes.
The girls had great fun, Stella looked like a proper little girl in her pigtails.

She is so self-sufficient now and can happily play and entertain herself at these kinds of social occasions, of course we still have to keep a close eye on her but its a lot easier than it has been in many ways.

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday. I am getting my hair cut, hanging out with my husband and my children and then having a family photoshoot in the afternoon before heading out for Chinese with friends. I can’t wait!

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