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Slowing it right down

I am still struggling but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Would you believe that Ron has been on a course in the city for the last two days meaning he leaves at 7.30am and is only home at 6.30pm and then next week he is away for another night doing his presentation again? Seriously, this has been one of my longest stretches of solo parenting ever and its gruelling. Its also very educational because it has pushed home the point how much of a team Ron and I are and how bloody lucky we are to share the burden of taking care of our children. Any time that anyone says they cannot believe how I manage to be a full time stay at home Mum without going stark raving mad, you have to know that my working hours are very reasonable and the rest of the time we co-parent. Otherwise seriously, I would not have managed. I can say that without doubt.

We weren’t able to go to playgroup again this morning. Stella’s blisters are drying up on her face but she has a couple of new ones on her hands and its just not fair to the other children. But there was NO WAY we could stay home all day so we headed out at 10am, collected a takeaway coffee and a few donuts to keep us going and we went to Bicentennial Park at Homebush. Wow, this place is so much more manageable on an overcast winter’s morning than it is in the middle of summer. There were three other children there the whole time which meant Stella could monopolise the swing without getting into any fights.

She is mad about the swings and will articulate quite clearly her displeasure in being removed by arching her back, shrieking and flopping to the ground in a miserable heap. Also, after I had taken her out of the swing to let another little boy have a turn, she stood there and intimidated him and his mother with her shouty shrieks and glowering looks until they skulked off and she could have another turn. Seriously, no one believes she can be such a dictator, when you look at her she is all clouds of blonde hair and big blue eyes. In the privacy of our home she rules me like a self-elected official of a small fiefdom!

It was good just to amble around at a child’s pace, picking up leaves, chasing Ibises and doing obstacle courses through the playground. I found myself cheering up immensely.

Stella fell asleep minutes from home in the car and transferred into her cot for a delicious two hour nap. Its still not a three hour nap so she has been awake and going since 2pm but we will survive.

Especially because Ron won half a dozen bottles of wine in a raffle at the rugby on Sunday and there is a lovely looking bottle of Sem Sav Blanc that I will be cracking open tonight, be damned that its only Tuesday!

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all your lovely positive comments on my previous post. Its not all doom and gloom obviously, Stella has been really unwell and that makes her miserable to be around, poor Amy doesn’t really get it and so will shout at her to “STOP CRYING STELLA” which clearly doesn’t work and just gets us all worked up. Soon enough Stella will be back to her usual fun self and happy living can commence in the White house. Oh and also I have lots of  me time scheduled in for the coming weeks including a trip to the Chiropracter all on my own (JOY), a night at the movies indulging my twisted and confused love affair with Edward and Jacob, maybe another movie night to watch the much slated SATC2 and hopefully an evening at a friend’s discussing photography and all things business related. Maybe one of these days I will actually decide on a business name and start moving forward with it all! Oh and of course in a couple of weeks I start my next photography course, an intensive look at all things related to Lighting, running for 10 weeks. Bliss, joy, freedom and pleasure!

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