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Sometimes parenting is hard. Really hard.
Its been one of those weeks. You know “those” weeks. When everything is hard work and parenting is not fun and my children are pushing all my buttons. I had a revelation today when I was hanging out the washing, I really don’t have anything for me, really mine. I am working hard to get to the point when I can start my photography business but its so difficult to find the time to sit down and write up pricing lists and print outlines and send emails soliciting for jobs. I have a sum total of about 4 hours a week when I don’t have a child hanging off me/shouting for something/whining for food/needing me to wipe their bum. I guess it was unrealistic to daydream this business up and then imagine I could get it up and running without any adjustments to my already hugely packed schedule. I long for the days when Stella was a baby and would sleep often and for long periods and when she was awake she was content to roll around on the floor at my feet while I threw toys at her occasionally. Now she is a full speed ahead toddler who pauses only to shout: “DAT DERE DAT DAT AAAAAAAH” at me until I translate what it is that she demands immediately. She needs my attention constantly, mainly because she is forever trying to kill herself by climbing chairs, squeezing behind the fridge, poking things into plug sockets. I feel exhausted just looking at her sometimes.

At least I have a reason now for having such a bad week, see above photo for proof of painful blisters, she has them around her mouth, on her hands, soles of her feet and around her sore bum. Once again we have been visited by the lovely Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. In case you can’t remember the last time we had an outbreak, go and remind yourselves. I had a week from hell with Amy and then nearly a week after that I got horrible ulcers on my tongue and realised that in fact my child had been infected with a very unpleasant virus rather than just behaving like a rabid ape!

Stella’s behaviour all makes sense now, her dribbling, irritability, lack of appetite and general demeanour. Sigh. Hopefully this time I will escape the plague of painful blisters. I went to the Dr this morning just to confirm my google diagnosis and was advised to keep her and other children at home for a few days. Yes, right, that will work out well. Poor Amy. Mummy is just not enough company for her anymore, she craves other children and craft and scheduled times for activities and fun stuff. I laugh now when I thought that being at home full time with a 2yr9mth old and a new baby would be the hardest six months of my life. Little did I know that that seems like a restful spa holiday in comparison to having Amy at preschool two days a week and the other three days are a riot of trying to find ways to entertain a 1 yr old who wants to jump off things and run away and a nearly 4 yr old who wants to play princesses and pretend to be a fairy.

Its at times like this that I talk to Ron and examine whats going wrong. Ron has been away for three nights in the last two weeks which has meant I have done the breakfast/dinner/bath/bedtime combo on my own for many more nights than I am used to. This combined with not being able to get to my boxing class and just feeling overwhelmed with the amount of parenting I have to do has made me feel a bit depressed. Parenting is relentless, I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again many more times but I guess because I don’t have that “me” thing to balance it against, it becomes overwhelming and unmanageable sometimes. Part of me knows that its only for a few years and then before I know it Amy will be off to school and suddenly I will have way more me-time than I have had in years, which is why I want to try and establish my business sooner rather than later. But that doesn’t help me now when I have a head full of ideas and two children who need me to be present and engaged rather than sitting in front of the laptop. Its all about the balance. Ron is very understanding and so is going to take some flex time off work so we can do some fun stuff as a family starting next week with my birthday.

Any suggestions for cheap and fun days out in Sydney? I was thinking we might go orange picking at one of the farms, then I can make loads of marmalade which makes me happy!

I leave you with a photo of my baby who chipped her front right tooth before it had even come down from her gum. The other afternoon Ron found the wooden rocking horse in the garage and bought it up for Stella, I took one look at it and joked it looked just right for her to chip her other front tooth on. Two minutes later, front tooth chipped. At least she now has a matching pair!
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