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(me with my new sister Olivia in August 1980 – I was aged 4)
Sisters. The relationship I have with my sister has been complicated. There is more than four years between us which made it hard for us to relate to each other when we were younger. We never went to school together so we never had much in common. Until we had both left school, then we realised we didn’t have to just be sisters, we could actually be friends.
(Liv and I outside our family home in Johannesburg – September 2003)
I have often said that if my sister wasn’t my sister, she would be one of my best friends. Saying that now makes me feel quite sad, its really hard keeping in touch with Liv right now. She is working incredibly hard towards her Masters in Psychology back in Johannesburg, the time difference makes it difficult to talk and skype. I miss my sister. The hardest thing about living away from my family at this point in my life is that we just don’t know when we are going to see each other next. We make do with text messages and occasional phone calls and the understanding that we love each other just as much even though we live so far apart.
Amy and Stella’s relationship is growing and developing. They are often at war with each other, Stella is at that age where she just wants to do whatever Amy is doing so she is always after her toys, crayons, books, hairbands, in fact, anything that Amy has, Stella wants.
There are moments however when I can almost imagine the relationship I hope my girls will have when they get older, if its halfway as special as the friendship I have with my sister, then they are both very lucky indeed.
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