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Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday

Its been a holiday here for us today, a wonderful, leisurely, relaxing, at-home day for the family.

The photos in this post are from last Tuesday when Amy and I made magical, multi-coloured playdough, using the food gels I bought for Stella’s rainbow birthday cake.

The playdough turned out slightly dry and not as soft as when I have made it before, maybe the food gels? But it didn’t bother us, we still spent ages playing with the gorgeous colours, making all sorts of things.

Back to our leisurely day. A little lie-in courtesey of my husband. Crumpets and tea in bed while checking facebook and catching up on the disaster that was the Socceroos opening World Cup game against Germany. Sigh.

My jobs for the day included cleaning the mould off the eaves in our bedroom where it had started to propagate again after all the rain we have been having. I remember our first winter in this house and my fear and horror as this black, speckled stain spread across the eaves and onto the ceiling in the corner of our bedroom. I had NO IDEA what it was and when I finally discovered it was common mould, I was horrified.

Thankfully it was easy enough to get rid of by using a commercial mould remover and a sponge. It didn’t make an appearance last winter and now I have banished it again!

After mould removing I made butternut soup for lunch and pottered around tidying up the house. Ron managed to get Stella down for two sleeps today so I had plenty of time to fold laundry, pick up toys and tidy away the stuff that always seems to grow on our communal surfaces.

Later Amy and I made pizza dough and folded and put away all of Stella’s clean nappys then she went outside to wash the car with Ron and I cleaned the kitchen.

Now we are all enjoying homemade pizza before the girls go off to bath. Ron is going to Melbourne tomorrow for two nights on business so I am preparing myself for solo parenting! Thankfully I feel super relaxed and ready to face the week.

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