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Waka Waka! This time for Africa – go Bafana Bafana!

(This was supposed to be posted on Friday but two bottles of wine and a vodka nightcap got the better of me – I have spent the rest of the weekend feeling rather poorly!)

Anyone who knows me will know that I am proudly South African despite being born in Cardiff, Wales! I grew up in South Africa, I came of age, had my formative experiences, completed my schooling and of course, went to university in South Africa. My parents and sister still live in Johannesburg and Southern Africa is the place I would choose to return to for a holiday above any other country in the world. (And I have seen a few!)


Hopefully you all know that South Africa is hosting the Fifa World Cup Football Tournament which kicks off tonight in Johannesburg at Soccer City. This is the music video for the offical World Cup 2010 called Waka Waka (This time for Africa) performed by Shakira. It makes me want to get up and ululate and shake my hips in the African way!

Ron and I went to visit the Calabash, as Soccer city is affecionately known, when we were back in South Africa at the end of last year. Ron collects stadiums like mountain climbers collect peaks or munroes and wherever we are in the world he likes to visit famous stadiums.

We also saw the new stadium in Greenpoint, Cape Town which was not completed but still looked incredible and then we were able to collect our final stadium of the holiday on our way back to Johannesburg from our South Coast holiday in Durban. We nearly had the chance to go up over the top of the stadium in the cable car but unfortunately they closed it mere minutes before we arrived due to the wind.
At the time we felt quite excited for South Africa, there was evidence EVERYWHERE of the Fifa World cup but thanks to Australia being part of it, you can’t turn around without seeing or hearing mention of South Africa. I feel wildly proud and patriotic and quite excited about our chances. Its just brilliant seeing all the positive press. So now I just need to find the Vuvuzela that Mum brought for Amy and start making some noise!

(A fantastic article by a South Africa sports journalist can be found here written as an open letter to the foreign media who might have a negative opinion of our country!)

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