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The Super Whites
Two sides to every story

Things I am loving right now:

  • my wheat pack, hot from the microwave, warming and soothing my aching back
  • sweet wine of all kinds, in fact even the cheap versions are delicious but my favourite right now is a slightly fizzy pink Moscato
  • warm, toasty bed thanks to our electric blanket, crisp sheets and curling up close to my husband
  • meals made easy with my meal planner, enjoying family dinners round the table, Stella spoon feeding herself
  • 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug in the microwave – heaven in a mug
  • shopping around for the most exciting purchase I have made or will make in a long time – new camera, I am looking at YOU, you will be mine!
  • coffee with special girl friends, life’s irritations are so much easier to cope with when shared with a friend
  • grown up plans for the weekend that don’t include children, sometimes its just good to have a break and reconnect with Ron as an adult, not the mother of his children

Things I am not loving right now:

  • Amy’s attitude. She is treating me like dirt, shouting, demanding, arguing and generally being a little sh*t at the moment. I can’t cope, something has to change. As I type she is STILL AWAKE at 8.35pm insisting she has a mosquito bite on her tummy that she needs mozzie cream for.
  • Stella’s cold hands and runny nose.
  • Stella’s completely messed up nap schedule, 3 hours one day and 10 minutes the next. Unfreakingbelieveable.
  • my aching back and sore muscles, what bothers me the most is that its basically my own fault for not taking better care of my back.
  • my indecision when it comes to making the above mentioned HUGE purchase, just get on and buy it silly me!
  • our cold little house. The living room is an extension so it has a flat roof, a cardboard floor, a leaky window and a huge patio door. There is no insulation in the ceiling and as a result its the coldest room in the house and of course, the one we spend the most time in. *shiver*
  • that weight I managed to lose? slowly creeping back thanks to missing weeks of boxing due to bad weather and now some bad food choices, come on self-restraint!
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4 Responses to Two sides to every story

  1. Lucy Taylor says:

    I am taking it upon myself to be your Doctor in this scenario, I prescribe you copious amounts of the medication detailed in point 2 of your 'do likes' and you most certainly must have a dose of new camera (an investment btw, this thing will actually give you money in the long term. You also need a giant snuggly blanket, your lovely snuggly husband at your side and some utterly crap mindless tv to numb the brain with! ooh, that reminds me, Big Brother is about to start… you lots lady! xx

  2. kurrabikid says:

    Yes, life's a bit like that, isn't it it? But I love that you lead off with the positives. I am with you on quite a few of these points: the bad back (there's a twinge I just can't shift), the random nap times and, for me, the frustration that all this breastfeeding isn't shifting as many kilos as I would like (I was sold a pup! Nothing to do with Tim Tam consumption, oh no…). Actually, speaking of sweet treats, I think you should share your chocolate cake in a mug recipe. Sounds intriguing!

  3. Nicol says:

    I'm feeling the same way about Olivia's attitude lately. No matter what I say or do (even if it's something she wants) she is negative and argumentative. It doesn't help that Lucy has decided it's fun to get up 6 times at night. I hope you figure out Amy's problem and when you learn the secret please pass it on!

  4. MissyBoo says:

    Some lovely positives 🙂

    Don't expect Amy's attitude to get better for quite sometime yet! Four can be HORRID! I sympathise with you but think we are through the worst now??? Hope I didn't jinx myself *crossing fingers*

    Now pop down the shop and get the camera because you know it will make you feel better 🙂

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