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The Super Whites
Two sides to every story

Things I am loving right now:

  • my wheat pack, hot from the microwave, warming and soothing my aching back
  • sweet wine of all kinds, in fact even the cheap versions are delicious but my favourite right now is a slightly fizzy pink Moscato
  • warm, toasty bed thanks to our electric blanket, crisp sheets and curling up close to my husband
  • meals made easy with my meal planner, enjoying family dinners round the table, Stella spoon feeding herself
  • 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug in the microwave – heaven in a mug
  • shopping around for the most exciting purchase I have made or will make in a long time – new camera, I am looking at YOU, you will be mine!
  • coffee with special girl friends, life’s irritations are so much easier to cope with when shared with a friend
  • grown up plans for the weekend that don’t include children, sometimes its just good to have a break and reconnect with Ron as an adult, not the mother of his children

Things I am not loving right now:

  • Amy’s attitude. She is treating me like dirt, shouting, demanding, arguing and generally being a little sh*t at the moment. I can’t cope, something has to change. As I type she is STILL AWAKE at 8.35pm insisting she has a mosquito bite on her tummy that she needs mozzie cream for.
  • Stella’s cold hands and runny nose.
  • Stella’s completely messed up nap schedule, 3 hours one day and 10 minutes the next. Unfreakingbelieveable.
  • my aching back and sore muscles, what bothers me the most is that its basically my own fault for not taking better care of my back.
  • my indecision when it comes to making the above mentioned HUGE purchase, just get on and buy it silly me!
  • our cold little house. The living room is an extension so it has a flat roof, a cardboard floor, a leaky window and a huge patio door. There is no insulation in the ceiling and as a result its the coldest room in the house and of course, the one we spend the most time in. *shiver*
  • that weight I managed to lose? slowly creeping back thanks to missing weeks of boxing due to bad weather and now some bad food choices, come on self-restraint!
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