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Feeding the kangaroos
Before we left for Perth I asked some friends for recommendations on fun things to do with children while we were there. Thanks to a suggestion from Missy Boo we ended up at the Caversham Wildlife Park which is just north of the city near Swan Valley.
This was such a fun day out, we waited until my Dad arrived on the Sunday so we could do it together. The girls had the best time, Amy was so excited by all the animals and Stella was obsessed with all birds!

Feeding the kangaroos was loads of fun although Stella was NOT impressed. They were exactly at her eye level which was a little scary. Amy was very brave and patted their soft fur after some prompting.

Travelling with children makes for a very different city experience, in the past when Ron and were going to a new city we would read up on the culture and history, plan walking tours, eating out and shopping. Now we bounce from one child friendly activity to another stopping along the way for a babycino!

The pace of the holiday actually suited us all in the end. Mum and Dad struggled a little with the jetlag and Ron and I were just in instant holiday mode so quite happy to take things at a slower speed. Amy was a trooper and kept going especially on days like this one at the wildlife park which involved a lot of walking.
The only birds that Stella wasn’t impressed by were the emus. Especially when it walked towards us making the most hideous groaning noise. Quite scary.
She didn’t like the koalas much either but Amy and I did and we got up close and personal which was a treat.
It was a great day out and something really fun to share with my parents and the children.
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