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Stella spoon feeding herself

Stella is determined to feed herself. Any meal eaten from a bowl with a spoon has to be handed over to her, weetbix, porridge, pasta and sauce, yogurt, it all has to be done on HER terms. This baby of mine is strong willed and posessed of huge resources of patience, she will stick with it until she gets her way. This characteristic combined with her complete refusal to wear a bib means mealtimes are MESSY.

However she is improving in leaps and bounds and today she ate two weetbix without much spillage and then suprised the hell out of me by eating half an adult portion of homemade pea & ham soup for dinner. I was a little late getting supper together for the girls because I looked after a dear friend’s children this afternoon while she went to a Dr’s appointment so I sat Stella down with a small container and some soup while I cooked sausages and pasta. She finished that helping and demanded more and ended up eating more than half a bowlful! I made the soup for Ron and I not thinking the girls would eat it so added quite a lot of freshly ground pepper, this didn’t seem to bother Stella in the slightest.

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