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Aah, magical interwebs, I have missed you
Its so great being able to slouch on the couch with my laptop again. Wow I am super lazy, its this weather, it makes everyone slothful. Slouching on the couch is not so good for my back though. I haven’t injured it as such but I am suffering from a locked thoracic spine, or really stuffed up muscles. After Stella was born I had a bad abdominal split, about 5cms for those who know about these kinds of things. I never did see the physio in the hospital and was half-hearted about my exercises at best. A year later and my back is paying the price. Hefting children, carrying groceries, bending over to clean the floor/pick up toys/husband’s underwear is putting strain on an already strained to breaking point ache and the result is a very painful back. I have had two sessions with the physio, the first made me cry and left me with bruises up and down my spine, the second was a really relaxing massage that left me feeling woozey and chilled. Now I just have to do my exercises and watch my posture and see how I go.
Back to Cottesloe sunsets. The light was beautiful and it was fun experimenting with photography techniques for capturing the essence of the sunset.
Sunset was also at the best time, about 5.30pm which meant we could watch it and then feed, bath and put the girls to bed in time for wine o’clock!

Amy was so happy to see her Gogga again, she is gradually coming to some kind of understanding about how and why her Gogga and Packet and Tannie Liv live in a different country but its still hard to really explain it to her. She kept asking if they were going to come to our house or if we were going to their house to see Katie cat.

Thankfully the internet has made it easier to stay in touch and we speak to Mum and Dad frequently on the computer. Stella is also very comfortable around Gogga and Packet now and this holiday was the perfect time to see her and her development. Stella at nearly one is a very different child to the baby that my parents said goodbye to in January this year.

Back to the present – the rain has finally abated this morning although its going to come over again later. All plans are still cancelled though so we are wondering if we should risk going out while the sun is shining or just stay indoors and avoid disappointment. I think Ron and I might drop the girls with Grandma and Grandad and go out for a movie together. Sadly I don’t think I can convince Ron to watch SATC2 with me….

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