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I am back!

I am back. In case you missed me. A whole lot of stuff happened including our wireless router exploding which meant everytime I wanted to check my email I had to come into the bedroom which meant Stella would then wedge herself behind the fridge or attempt to scale the dustbin or climb up onto the counter next to the microwave to grab a dummy hidden up there. Sigh, she is adventurous and stubborn and very disobedient. As well as the involuntary internet ban I was struck down with a malaise that included stomach cramps and general miserableness and then my head exploded in a ball of snot. The End.

Also it has been raining. A lot, and we are all tired of it and tired of being stuck indoors and tired of being wet when we go outside and I am especially tired of having washing hanging everywhere and never drying. They say its going to rain for the whole month of June. I am going to close my eyes and imagine I am back on this beach in Perth.

On our second evening in Perth we went down to the beach at Cottesloe to watch the sunset. The girls played in the sand and I played with my camera and it was idyllic. Warm in the sun, cool in the wind and beautiful. The kind of beach beautiful that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Stella loved the beach, she loved the sand even more than when we were in South Africa over Christmas.

Stella also adores birds of any kind and appeared fascinated by the seagulls. We can’t decide if her first word is banana or birdie but she makes a manic “buhbuhbuhbuh” sound when you show her either.

We waited until the sun sank below the horizon which Amy found suitably amazing and then we went and bought the biggest bag of fish and chips ever and it was fantastic.

I hadn’t expected to feel such a holiday vibe for some strange reason. I think we had all been preoccupied by the wedding that wasn’t to be and so hadn’t really considered how much of a break this was going to be for all of us. It was just wonderful to be away, somewhere different with the girls and Ron and my Mum.

Cottesloe was gorgeous. Clean white sand, gentle waves, water an incredible shade of blue and that sun, dropping into the ocean. I was quite taken aback. I can imagine that it must be a very different place in the season but while we were there it was hardly populated and just perfect.

I did find it hard to imagine that the temperature would sit comfortably in the 40centigrade mark during the summer because it was cold enough to wear uggs and big jerseys at night and you could feel the temperature drop the moment the sun went over the horizon.

We hadn’t even been in Cottesloe for a few days and we already felt right at home.

Next up, driving down the coast to Dunsborough, more Cottesloe sunset photos, wine tasting in the Margaret River. And of course catching up on our everyday lives here at the White House.

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