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Fish & chips in Freo
By sheer coincidence my Aunt and Uncle were in Perth at the same time that we were and we met them for a slap up fish & chip lunch in Fremantle. Mum, Ron, the girls and I had gone for coffee in Fremantle on our second day in Perth but we didn’t really see much of it. Walking through the markets isn’t that easy with Amy who wants to stop and buy something at every second step. We did have a brilliant lunch on Mother’s Day with Trish and Les.

We managed to grab a table outside at Cicerello’s and braved the hordes inside to order food. It was a gorgeous, clear, sunny day but the wind was blowing and it was cool in the shade. This was pretty much the weather the whole time we were in Perth, lovely in the sun but chilly in the shade.

Stella hung out while Amy waited for the table buzzer to vibrate and tell us our food was ready. I love eating out with our girls, we don’t do it a lot but I think its so important to teach them about whats appropriate when eating in a restaurant. In this case we were sitting at a wooden table on a deck outside so I thought it was ok for Stella to recline and put her feet up.

It was a treat to catch up with my Aunt and Uncle. Trish spent some time with Amy while we were back in South Africa over Christmas but I hadn’t wanted to tell Amy we were going to see her until we knew the plans would work. Amy was thrilled! She really did thrive with all the adult attention, particularly the love and affection shown by my Mum and Dad. Its quite a remarkable feeling to see my child and my father together.
The food was a long wait but worth every minute, absolutely delicious and made even more so by the cool air, the wait and the beautiful surroundings.
The Fremantle Docks were heaving with people because it was mother’s day, we decided to skip ice-cream and go home so Stella could have a sleep and Mum and I could lounge on the huge couches and watch the Food channel as was our right on Mother’s Day!
All in all a fantastic Mother’s Day made all the more special by sharing it with my own mother.
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