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Family holiday – recap
I have to start blogging more regularily again, I miss it. So here is our family holiday in recaps. I bet you are wondering if I am ever going to go on holiday and then COMPLETE a recap in posts on the blog. I don’t think I have done it yet, let it be a challenge to myself!
our beach house, third from the left, looks unimpressive but was divine
Our trip to Western Australia started the night before we left. We decided to stay at Ron’s parent’s house because Ron’s Dad John was kindly driving us to the airport at 7am the next morning. The night didn’t start out well, firstly we were late arriving due to an accident on the M4 so both girls were hungry and irritable when we got there. Then Stella refused to settle to sleep, screaming in a very out of character manner for nearly an hour before passing out. At around 10.30pm that night all hell broke loose, Amy woke up in a pool of vomit and the rest of the night is a blur for me. Poor child, I can count on less than one hand the number of times she has vomited before and she was upset, afraid and stinky. We had to get her into a bath and wash and then dry her hair whilst Ron’s Mum (ANGEL) cleaned up the bedroom. I spent the rest of the night leaping up everytime Amy breathed to hold a bucket in front of her, thankfully she wasn’t sick again and seemed right as rain the next morning although I had nightmares when I did sleep about vomitting children and husbands and flights and changes of clothes.
Thankfully the journey was a breeze. I say that as a seasoned traveller with two small children. I did wish I was still breastfeeding Stella as we were taxiing to take-off and she was shouting with exhaustion but then two minutes after we took off she was passed out in my arms and she slept comfortably for two hours. We had a spare seat in the row of four which meant I could stretch out while she slept on me and Amy happily watched the tv in the back of the seat in front of her and picked at her children’s meal and was generally a very pleasant travelling companion for the four hour flight!
the sunken front courtyard of our beach house
Our arrivial in Perth was perfectly coordinated with my Mum’s arrival from South Africa and her friend Margaret met her at the International Terminal and drove her around to find us fitting carseats into our big silver van in the rental carpark. It was fantastic to see Mum, Amy was super excited and I suddenly felt like it was really a holiday. The sad thing about this trip was it was initially meant to be a trip to attend Margaret’s son’s wedding but the wedding was called off a few weeks ago. Because we had all booked our flights already we made the decision to go ahead with the trip even though the timing wasn’t perfect for Mum and Dad. Looking back now on our trip I am so glad we decided to go along anyway. We collected Dad from the airport two days later after a business conference, by this time we had figured out our way around Perth.
family sundowners on the verandah, note the reflection
Margaret drove ahead of us with Mum to our house in Cottesloe. I had rented it based on the photographs and although it looked a little unimpressive from the front, inside was a gorgeous, informal, comfortable beach house with magnificent views across Marine Parade out onto the ocean. We enjoyed sundowners every night either on the gorgeous beach at Cottesloe or on our own front verandah.
can you spot the submarine and the warship?
It was a great place to start our holiday and we were a little apprehensive that the next cottage in the little town of Dunsborough, might not measure up. Thankfully our fears were not grounded. Up next: coffee and fish&chips in Fremantle, the Caversham Wildlife Park, fun in the playground and driving down the coast.
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