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Four years ago, today
Four years ago today I walked out of my office for the last time. I stepped out into the London Spring and made my way to the tube station. I was carrying a bag with a few bits from my desk, a photo of Ron and I, some pens and a book filled with notes and contacts and scribbles. Although I hadn’t told anyone, I wasn’t planning on going back to that job, in fact Ron and I had already made our decision to move to Australia. We had done the calculations and realised the inevitable, that if we wanted to stay in London, with a baby, then I would have to go back to work fulltime whilst Ron stayed home. Neither of us was willing to make this choice and so our decision was made for us in a way. We carried this big secret between us until we felt able to tell our friends but we knew it was the right decision, even then, before Amy was born. Before I knew what being a parent meant, before I realised what I would have been giving up had I gone back to fulltime work, in a career I didn’t love, in a job that kept me in the office from very early in the morning until very late at night in a job that meant I had to travel, frequently.
Four years and I am only just really settling into my role as stay-at-home-mum. Only just truly accepting of my job title, only now starting to feel proud of my mundane achievements and able to explain what it means to have left my career behind for a whole new role. I never really loved what I did in the city and I will honestly admit there are days when I don’t love my job now, but over all, those two girls in that photo above are the reason why I have no regrets about this time four years ago.
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