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The Super Whites
I am very lucky in life to have a wide and varied assortment of close and treasured girl friends. Friends from all phases of my life, women that I have met and connected with on many levels and developed close and strong friendships with. I value these friendships immensely. I need to feel surrounded by people who care and understand and are right there with me.
Today I spent a few hours with two talented, funny, inspirational friends. Our daughters played together whilst we sat and talked, desperate to catch up on everything that has been going on in our lives over the last year or so.
It was a great day!
We are off to Perth this week for a holiday, meeting my parents and spending some quality family time together. I am desperately excited to see my folks and have a good holiday, lots of wine tasting, good food, day trips and outings. My blog posting has been sporadic at best recently so I don’t think I will be improving on that while we are away although I will be taking my laptop. Sigh. We are joined at the hip, my laptop and I!
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