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Photographs – windows to my world

I haven’t spoken much about photography over the last few weeks. To be fair, I haven’t spoken much about anything over the last few weeks, just been very busy, living in the moment. Consumed by grocery shopping, meal planning, lunchbox making and nappy folding. But every now and again I have moments of pure, unadulterated camera pleasure. Today was one of those moments. Stella has been waking up early so she was finished with her lunchtime nap at 2pm. Amy is a little high maintenance right now, a combination of a whole lot of attention on her sister, the birthday girl, and a snotty nose so I knew we needed to get out of the house or we would all go mad. The weather is heavenly in Sydney at this time of year. Autumn is late arriving but the mornings are cool and crisp. The days warm into gorgeous clear skies and sun that takes the edge off the chill. The light is deep and intense and clear and perfect for a photographer desperate to test her skills and push herself.

I grabbed my camera and a backpack full of snacks and the girls and I went on an adventure. First we scouted out a couple of locations for family photoshoots. I am slowly starting to build momentum in starting my photography business and the first thing I need to do is get a cracking portfolio together. Its all very well feeling confident that I can take a good photo but I need to develop my style and put together the whole package that I can then start selling to clients. Amy, Stella and I had great fun and found an awesome location which I am sure will feature on the blog at some point. Then we headed to the park for a play before collecting Ron from work.

I am shooting everything in Manual mode on my camera and shooting in RAW. Slowly but surely I am improving, remembering how light works in my camera and with my lens. Cropping in camera, capturing the moment. Making photos. It feels good, very good.

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