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Birthday cake – a taster

We celebrated Stella’s 1st birthday party today with friends and family. It was a lovely afternoon, Stella had a great sleep right in the middle of it leaving me time to catch up with friends and enjoy myself and she was in a super mood when she woke up, just right for CAKE!

I think I have outdone myself this time, all thanks must go to Lara who made this for her son’s birthday and inspired me to have a go. It turned out well, a little dense but that was due to the baking tin I had to use at the last minute when I couldn’t find my perfect cake tin. However the audible gasps when I sliced into the cake and pulled up a MULTICOLOURED RAINBOW SLICE OF CAKE was worth all the stress of making it!

I will post more photos of the day and more info about how I made the cake. Right now I need to go to bed, I have a food colouring headache! (Kidding!)

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