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Perfect winter days
I love this time of year. Its cold in the mornings but as the sun comes up it burns the sky into a deep blue and the days are just begging us to go outside and play. On monday I was still feeling tired after our weekend away but because its school holidays we had no playgroup arranged. I couldn’t bear to stay in so I packed us each a lunch box and the girls and I went to the park.
Stella is delicious at this age, inquisitive, funny, engaging, full of smiles and happiness. She adores her big sister and will follow her anywhere. She is close to walking and if she wants to match her sister, she will need to take her first proper steps tomorrow because Amy walked for the first time on my birthday, which was a week before she turned one. I alternate between encouraging her to walk and desperately trying to keep her my baby for as long as I can!
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