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Remember my self-imposed internet ban a few weeks ago? What an unmitigated disaster that was. I survived without checking my feed reader until the Wednesday when I fell off the wagon in a big way and binged on blogs for a few hours that night. Afterwards I felt bloated and satiated but guilty. I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again and made all kinds of resolutions to try harder next time. Since then I have been trying to not spend hours clicking from blog to blog and use my screen time more effectively. As you can tell from the decrease in quantity of posting but hopefully, increase in quality (Frugal Sarah Says?) this kind of worked. Unfortunately I still haven’t got through my to-do list, starting with Stella’s monthly updates and photos on the giraffe rug. Sigh. I can’t believe she will be one in two weeks. So, I am going to go back to trying not to waste time on the internet and instead focus on some long overdue jobs. Cleaning up my archives, getting on top of my photos, working on my photography business plan and writing quality blog posts.

Talking blogs. So, this little old blog has been in existance now for three years and six months. I began it as a way of keeping friends and family updated as we moved from the UK to Australia and it has become somewhere to retreat to, a place to make friends, a record of my children’s first months and years and a place to develop my passions and skills. I am wanting to take it up a notch and need some blogging advice. I could migrate my blog to another blogging platform but to be honest I actually like the ease and convenience of blogger. I will be buying my own domain name soon enough but what bothers me is the archiving and search functions that I am not using at all on my blog. I have never tagged my posts but if I was to go back now and tag old posts, would that wreak havoc and mayhem? Any suggestions for how to take my blog forward?

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