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I got nothing
Family portrait Saturday 6th March 2010

Its been a long day, in return for the permanent loan of the car seat Stella is in, we looked after our friend’s daughters for the day. Aged nearly 5 and nearly 3 they fit perfectly between my two girls so everyone had someone to play with and all in all it was a great sucess. But I had to be super organised and have every element of our day planned and now I feel exhausted.

I am still burning my candle at both ends what with the photography and the children and the housework and the sleeping. This week one of my oldest and dearest friends from university is coming to stay for a night with her husband and her baby bump and I am so excited to hang out and show her my city, my house, my family and my life. It does mean I will be missing out on both preschool days so my routine for shopping and housework will be out of whack which means Monday and Tuesday are going to be ultra busy to include cleaning and shopping before guests arrived early on Wednesday morning. I can’t wait!

This coming week I will try hard to post another episode in the Frugal Sarah Says series, this time about meal planners and shopping lists and I am also eager to disclose some information about something else which is taking up time and energy in my life and has resulted in a 5.1kg weightloss since coming back from holidays in South Africa on the 11th January – YAY ME!

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