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The Super Whites
Mummy’s little helper!

Stella is developing such personality and I really need to blog her 10month and 11month updates. Where has the time gone? She is at that stage where she is discovering her environment more and more everyday and she just wants to be involved in everything. This means housework is quite hard work when she is around.

Even when she is not around for the actual housework, she manages to make short work of my efforts when she discovers it. I think I picked up these nappys about four times today, each time she pulled them all down again.

She actually got quite upset with me when I attempted to pick things up and put them back on the clothes horse. Yes, that personality is definitely developing!

I can’t resist this little thing however, she is just super adorable at this age and so much fun. You can just see her little teeth poking out above that cheeky tongue!

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