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The Super Whites
Do what I say, not what I do
Don’t worry, don’t panic loyal friends-in-the-internet! My internet holiday is from YOUR blogs, not mine. SO basically I am going to spend my time writing, taking photos and hanging out with my family instead of surfing my feed reader and catching up on what everyone else is doing.
At the top of the Reichstag building in Berlin in 2004
I am starting out by paying tribute to my gorgeous husband who has really picked up the slack as I have been spending a lot of time doing things for ME. Like a fantastic blogging meet-up tonight that I will post about later. Ron has also been making sure that I can get to my Monday night photography course without having to worry about the girls and together with his Mum he has been ensuring that I get to enjoy my time away without feeling guilty for not being home!
At the races at Royal Ascot soon after we met in early 2002
Ron and I have had many adventures together and now we are building a future together for our girls and I am incredibly lucky to be married to a man who understands how hard being a stay-at-home-Mum can be and who is championing my desire to get out there and focus on something for myself.
All dressed up for a country house wedding in 2002

On the way home tonight we were laughing at how something which we think will inconvenience us actually draws us closer. We only have one car and so our individual plans often include the other person and the girls and today was just such a case. We all stopped into the rugby club trials and then we all drove into Newtown to drop me off for my bloggers meet-up. Ron took the girls to his parents for dinner and a bath and then they picked me up on the way home. It sounds super complicated but worked out so easily and we all got to do something that we really wanted to do. Great compromise all round.

New York, 2003

Ron will happily drive 45 minutes out of his way to drop me somewhere or pick me up and never complains and I will happily go with the girls to the rugby ground for an hour or two without fussing. We understand these are things that make us happy as individuals and this makes us happier as a couple and a family.

Camping trip to Dorset, 2004
Thank you Ron, for understanding and quietly encouraging me and knowing when to put the pressure on and when to back off. I feel the wealth of possibility in front of me with you by my side.
(enough of the mushy stuff now! More photos from my past coming up for your viewing pleasure!)
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