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Desperate times call for desperate measures

I am imposing an internet ban on myself. Actually more like a reader ban. I am going to stop checking other people’s blogs and instead focus my time and energy on my own blog. And the more important things in my life like my children, my husband, my home and my friends. My gorgeous new laptop means I have access to the internet right here, where ever I am. I don’t have to sneak off to the bedroom anymore, I can check my emails while playing on the floor with Stella, I can catch up on blogs while cuddling with Amy on the couch and I can google ingredients while in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning or washing up. So I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet. Not to the detriment of my girls but its├é┬ádefinitely inhibiting me from being more creative, from being more present and from accomplishing more.

Now that I have an immediate goal which is to take my photography to the next level and begin pulling together all the things I need to start setting up a business, I need more time. I need to be using what time I have more effectively. I need to be making lists and crossing things off those lists. I need short term goals and long term goals. I want to use the time I spend on the internet efficiently instead of clicking on link after link after link and aimlessly wandering through cyberspace. I would like to sit down at the table with my family more often and talk to my husband more. I want to be able to turn the laptop off earlier in the evening and not get the craving to turn it on again until the next evening. Unless I am working on some photos or maybe emailing a friend or composing a blog post or typing out a recipe.

So I am setting myself a challenge. To ration my time on the internet. To go for one week without opening my google reader. To be truly present in my life here and now. To get more creative, more inspired and more efficient. I will let you know how it goes!

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