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Home Loving Thursday
Today started at 5am so I kind of ran out of steam by the end of the afternoon. However Stella did have a great afternoon sleep so I managed a few home loving jobs.
My dining room table, sigh. Its usually full of junk but I have been making an effort to clear it at the end of every day. This simple task fills me with pleasure and I love nothing more than seeing it clear of piles of crap last thing at night when I fill my water bottle up from the fridge before bed.

Of course today turned out to be the hottest day of the week, the day I had in my meal planner to make my Mum’s spiced slow cooked lamb shanks. The upside is the house smells delicious and I am too tired to have to think about dinner. The downside is the house is like a hotbox!

And lastly, before I go off to deal with arsenic hour, this pile of laundry is now folded and put away!

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