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How did I do?
I didn’t get to all my jobs yesterday for Home Loving Thursday but I did finish up a few things and a couple of extras. I made a delicious dinner of sweet and sour sausage stew which filled us all up and there are lots of leftovers. I also cleared this annoying spot on top of the microwave which seems to gather junk and debris.
I cleared the shelf under the airconditioner and rearranged the boxes and storage so there is an open shelf where we can put the bits and pieces that tend to gather there.
And last night I chucked everything from my shelf in my wardrobe onto the bed knowing that this would mean I HAD to clean it up and put it away before going to bed. I have been known to go to sleep under a pile of unfolded laundry but it wouldn’t have been that easy to fall asleep under this pile. Its all sorted and the top draw has been cleaned and rearranged too. I managed to throw away a lot of miscellaneous crap which always makes me feel cheerful.
Then I had another glass of wine and watched an episode of H0arders. I find this show unbearably sad but still watch it, hooked by the clear evidence of serious mental illness and just amazed at the living situations of some of these people. Last night I watched an episode where a woman kept taking in stray cats and feeding them until they had taken over her garage. She was being cited for animal cruelty but she was adamant that she was taking care of these animals where other people would have just left them to be strays or worse yet, taken them to the pound to be put down. The saddest part was that she geniunely believed she was taking care of these animals as it turned out they found more than 35 skeletal remains of cats when cleaning out her house which was ravaged by the animals. Sad and extremely disturbing. I went to bed feeling better about my slightly messy but undeniably clean and organised home.
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