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Home Loving Thursday
Today Stella and I are staying home. I have been so busy the last few weeks, its just so great having so many things to fill my days and evenings with but its hard to keep on top of all my regular chores and so today we are hanging out at home, tidying, cleaning, cooking and playing.

By the end of today I want to have this little area sorted, these shelves in my cupboard just end up packed with stuff and I can’t find anything or grab anything quickly. Its a ten minute job but will make me very happy.

I really want to get this pile of Amy’s artwork sorted and photographed for her digital scrapbook.

Bathroom cupboard, another ten minute job but I might have to leave this until Stella has a nap after lunch as she is dangerous in the bathroom and likes to put her head in the loo, grab the shower curtain and pull the loo roll off onto the floor.

Last ten minute job is to rehome all the junk that ends up on this shelf. I hate this pile of crap more than any other in the house because its the first thing I notice when I walk into the kitchen. Everything here belongs somewhere else so I will be putting it all away.

Follow up photos to come later.

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